Arnold Schönberg, 1907 | Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Our online exhibition is dedicated to Christmas gifts. We browse the bookshelves of Schönberg’s library, open Christmas cards, and flip through favorite reading material from his friends and pupils.

Our recent publication “Ex libris Arnold Schönberg”, with comments and illustrations, is a catalogue of the books and journals from the composer’s library stored at the Schönberg Center in Vienna. One varied section of the collection comprises books given as gifts and also dedications by authors, pupils and friends.

Many of these Christmas gifts accompanied Schönberg on his journey to the USA in exile. He kept them as precious memories from the old world and – in the case of books and sheet music – was also able to return to them for reading many years later. Even so, gifts were not welcome every year. But that is another story. More will be revealed...


December 1–24, 2022

Curator: Therese Muxeneder
Digital Realization: Christoph Edtmayr

Further reading
Julia Bungardt-Eckhart:
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Eike Feß und Therese Muxeneder (Hg.)
Journal of the Arnold Schönberg Center 18/2021